What is Pure-Marble?

What is Pure-Marble?

Pure-Marble is a totally new way to care for all marble and limestone surfaces.

Innovative scientific research has resulted in the development of

Pure-Marble, the ultimate protection for all marble and limestone surfaces.

This totally new product is a once only surface treatment for marble surfaces offering protection for a minimum of 8+ years, providing our approved Maintenance & Cleaning schedule is adhered to.

Marble and limestone surfaces can now be fully protected against acid damage during everyday use, in the home, and luxury leisure sectors, such as hotels, bars and health clubs, etc.

Surface damage to marble surfaces commonly occurs when acids in soaps, toiletries, foods and wine are spilt on kitchen and bathroom surfaces and floors. Previously, luxury home and business owners have had to accept a certain inevitability regarding the deterioration of marble surfaces once installed and regularly used.

The application of Pure-Marble is going to change everything!

PureMarble delivers an imperceptible, nano protection layer that follows the profile of the surface, delivering a strong and resilient barrier to the vulnerable marble surface. As it is not a film forming coating the natural appearance of the stone surface is preserved.  There can be a slight colour enhancement to certain dark marble colours but this is within acceptable parameters.

Pure-Marble technology is based on a complex blend of moisture cured polymers that when applied by a mist spray hit the marble surface and has just a 12-16 second open time before starting to cure. Within 10-20 minutes it is touch dry but curing continues for up to 7 days. Acid resistance can be demonstrated after 2-3 days but we recommend a full 7 days curing before exposure to heavy use by acidic materials is allowed.

An added benefit of a Pure-Marble treatment is that the cured finish delivers a hardened surface that will withstand usual wear and tear far better that an untreated surface, because marble is not naturally a hard material.

Once the protective treatment has been applied, surface protection can be very long-lasting. Typically 8+ years, providing our approved Maintenance & Cleaning schedule is adhered to.

Scientific testing during development has proven that to remove Pure-Marble requires a mechanical grinding process. Pure-Marble cannot be removed using paint stripper.

Pure-Marble is not a DIY product. Product application must be via specialist spraying equipment used by professionally trained operators.

If you already own damaged marble surfaces like this:

They will first need to be professionally restored, before Pure-Marble can be applied to offer protection going forward


If you own a perfect marble surface like this, (this one has recently been restored ready for P-M treatment),

protect it before use by applying Pure-Marble to give long lasting protection against damage from everyday acids.


We strongly recommend you consider the value of Pure-Marble application to your marble surfaces.

Pure-Marble will result in lower maintenance and refurbishment costs in the long run, plus Pure-Marble protection makes owning marble a more environmentally sustainable prospect, something we all have to consider for the future of our planet.

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